Nearly 12,000 Words

It is day 16 and I have nearly 12,000 words. It seems like a lot but that just means I have started on Chapter Six. I am enjoying slowly revealing the ties between the characters. I am also enjoying writing a “good” character. That is something new for me. Most of my characters are quite dark. I knew I needed someone to balance the scales a bit. His name is Nicholas Lycanos and he is the Alpha-Were of my novel.

I always found it odd that supernaturals were always pitted against each other (in nearly everything I’ve read to date), so I decided, instead of having the different types going at it, I would create factions of supernaturals. This means, vampires fighting vampires, witches fighting witches… etc.

The main character in my story is a vampire who is betrothed to the Alpha and best friends with a witch. I have not yet decided if this means they will not have children, or if their children will be hybrids but we shall see. Maybe they won’t even stay together. It’s honestly too early to tell.


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