Good vs Evil

What makes a character inherently good or inherently evil? What if the character remains neutral? Does that land the character on one side or the other by default?

This is one theme I am always drawn to. It is present in a good majority of my favorite novels and is present in most of the video games I play.

For example, in Dragon Age 2 (my favorite video game), Hawke, the main character is thrown into the midst of a rebellion. The game opens up on a scene of him/her fleeing their homeland to outrun the dangers in his/her hometown. We find out that Hawke or his/her sister is a mage and that his/her brother is not. Within the game, mages are seen as evil creatures. Their powers stem from the demonic and therefore everyone is afraid of them. They lock them away so they cannot harm others.

Within the context of the game we learn this is not true. Most mages are good. However, as the game progresses, we see the age old adage, absolute power corrupts absolutely, play out in extreme ways.

Hawke, throughout, tries to remain a neutral party, both within the rebellion and amongst his/her companions. Of course, this can be played in different ways. Hawke can choose a side, but keep in mind, either Hawke is a mage or his/her sister is and their brother is not.

Hawke is also raised by a mage Father. This puts him/her in a very precarious position either way.

However, by remaining neutral, Hawke is forced to see the abuses of both sides. The Templars claim to only want to protect people by forcing the Mages into cells and locking them away from their families. The Mages only desire small freedoms but many are willing to gain their freedom by extreme means.

Hawke is also forced to witness murder, for the sake of his/her companions safety.

So, this again begs the question, does remaining neutral place you on one side or the other by default?

These are questions I hope to raise in the course of my novel! Let’s see how it plays out for my characters.

Happy Reading!


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