Why Twitter Gives Me Hope

Social media is a fun and engrossing experience for most people these days. I am addicted to Pinterest and Twitter, but maybe not for the reasons everyone else is. I love seeing the struggles of those who are already successful. I don’t mean that to sound rude or hateful. I simply mean, it is nice to know that even as a successful author, they go through the same struggles as us “starving artists”. 

I know I can look at something I’ve written and want to rip it apart. I know my weaknesses in my writing and I can see every flaw. Yet, when I hand it over to someone to read, the reaction is never what I expect.

Here’s to those still struggling to finish up edits from NaNoWriMo and to those just starting. Hang in there. It will be difficult and sometimes painful, but those who came before you are going through, or have gone through the exact same thing.


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